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New Patients

Go to the online schedule

Click New Patient Visit

Pick the day you want to come in !!

You will receive an email/text right after your appointment is completed. If you don't get one, it didn't go through.

Once you have completed the online scheduling you will be emailed the patient forms to fill out and online patient portal access. 

Please sign up for the patient portal, this is where you can cancel your appointment and send messages to Dr Riner. 

We look forward to meeting you in person!

You will have a treatment the first visit, this is not an exam only!

This is what you can expect!

We will check you for Methylation Problems.

We will check your organs and main complaints, adrenal status, EMF sensitivity. 

We will do some range of motion and muscle testing to see how your body is doing, then look for Brain disconnections and Old Injuries that are connected to those weakness and see which one makes them better.  

Usually finish with an overall check of alignment and arthostim adjustment to alert the nervous and acupuncture system of the changes made.

Follow ups will usually cover the rest of R.E.A.L.M. Lots to follow up on to get the whole system working better.

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