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At Home Therapies

Braintap -  at home therapy for your mind

#1 at home thing to do for any illness, recovery, prevent brain disorders/ neurological conditions. Exercise your brain with binaural beats. Gets you into meditation zone quickly. Use code BTPARTNER29 and get your first month for only $0.99

optimal health system link

whole food, predigested supplements that get into the system quickly. Use Doctor's code OHS3BRINER for 10% off (first order only)

Systemic-Formulas vitamins to order at home

Step1: Create your account here (use Doctor's code TXRI04 when you register

Emf protecting equipment and at home therapy magnets

#2 Matrix Mag is an at home version of the magnets Dr Riner uses in the office. You can use the magnets to further your therapy at home.

Safezone is the EMF protection used at the office and at Home. protects from wifi, power meters and all sources of EMF. 

Use code SRIN-001 for 10% off of Safezone-EM or MatrixMag

Cellcore vitamins for parasite cleanse

The Parasite Kings of supplements, they have protocols to follow and amazing binder products for mold, heavy metals, enviromental toxins and viradchem.

Use Doctor's code VdnHQyYE for your special referral discount

Standard Process online shopping tool

Click the logo to be taken to my new online shopping site for standard process products. 

Step 2: Activate your account then go here to login with the username & password you created when you created your account

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