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What to Expect

Hello, this is Dr Riner. Let’s consider this our first consultation! How I can find complex in depth problems is with muscle testing and feeling changes in your body when a stress is applied to it.

To find old injuries via the Matrix Repatterning I will use a matrix scanner device to scan the body. Your body is one continuous piece of fabric. What happens in one part will affect the entirety. We’ll scan your body looking for a lack of electrical conduction that will indicate an injury. Your body will tell us where the injury is and what to do to release the energy of impact from your body. When we find the priority injury range of motion and pain will usually get better with just the scanner on the body


With NIS in order to identify any disrupted signals from your nervous system to the rest of your body, the NIS system (a series of prioritized protocols) holds specific anatomical contact points and performs a muscle test to identify any issues that have been pushed past your body’s tolerance levels. Once identified, NIS protocols facilitate your nervous system to re-set the circuitry in order for all body systems to return to your optimal potential.

First visit - This can be different for each patient. Some people need nutrition done first, some NIS with a little matrix. NIS has a system to get your body talking better, get body absorbing nutrients better and I intend on doing this first to get the system going in the right direction. As we go along with NIS we will be checking nutrition needs from sub clnical infections and will need nutrition to help your body repair faster.

Yes that means patients that just have painful joints, low back, neck pain, etc. You will need vitamins too! I will usually give some anti infammatory vitamins that speed up healing. Chronic pain patients usually have sub clinical infections in the body causing long term inflammation. Example for men a low energy prostate gives joints pains all over, for women thyroid problems can give you neck/shoulder and low back pain and the adjustments will NOT hold until we balance the organ. You will be given whole food vitamins or vitamins that are specific for your own bodies conditions.

If we have time after this we will check your structural and/or emotional problems that come up.

Nutrition Follow Ups

Nutrition Follow Up recommendations:

  • Once every 2 weeks for 6-8 weeks. Your pill amounts and what pills you need often change weekly as the organ/cells starts to heal.

  • Once a month for the next 8-16 weeks. The pill amounts and what you need is starting to be more consistent or the area is healed and new areas want help.

Adjustment Follow Ups

  • Normally I would see a patient once a week for chronic pain for the first month or two and then once every 2-4 weeks as we iron everything out.

  • Patients in acute pain, “I just slipped and hurt myself” or “my back just went out”, these situations need to be seen more often. Usually twice a week for 2-3 weeks.

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