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Riner Holistic Restoration
Stephen Riner 
Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner
N.I.S. Neurological Integration System
Quantum Neurologist
KST, SOT, NET, Nutrition Response Testing

Welcome to Truly Different Chiropractic Care.


If you have been everywhere else with no results, this is your place!


Welcome to Dr Riner's  R.E.A.L.M.

Reconnect the Brain's Disconnections with N.I.S

Eliminate the Stressor's with Nutrition Response Testing

Align the Past Injuries with Matrix Repatterning

Lymphatic Therapy with Hemo Sonic Treatments 

Methylation Testing for Hidden Problems in your DNA 



Expansion on the R.E.A.L.M.

Reconnect the brain with N.I.S. When you have trauma to an organ, bone, muscle, nerve a lot of times a circuit breaker goes off in the brain to that area. These will show up as muscle weakness when we go over the area. Using N.I.S and other techniques will turn the circuit break back on. Not fixing E.A.L.M. may cause the circuit to turn off again. 

Eliminate the Hidden Stressors

  • Food stressors

  • Immune challenges (hidden infections)

  • Environmental Toxins

  • Heavy Metals

  • Scars

  • Post Pandemic Factors (long covid problems)

  • Emotions

  • Feed the damage organs proper nutrition to repair.

once you do these things you stop the circuit breaker from going off and start healing from within. 


Align injured bones from the past that are causing muscles to constantly be tight. Ever wonder why you have to keep rolling out that muscle, it's because there is an injured bone attached to it. Fix the bones, muscles then relax and you become happier!

Lymphatic Therapy with Hemo-Sonic Treatments! This is a powerhouse lymphatic treatment with the latest technology. Since covid the lymphatic system has become even more important! This area of blood and lymph exchange in the capillaries is being clogged by the spike proteins from virus, post virus, and from chemicals injected. Covid or Long covid is Long because it is not leaving our system like regular viruses would. The Hemo-Sonic machine helps your body break down the spikes and move them through the lymph system so they can exit the body!

Methylation Testing for the gene mutations in your body not letting you detox correctly. This inhibits your body from being able to break down chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, Rx drugs, or depleting your system of vitamins needed for basic needs. All of this leads to more inflammation in the body. Example- person takes a statin drug and can't process it correctly, that drug then gets put in the muscles and joints and the person gets very achy and tired after taking the drug. Something similar may happen if you have a MTHFR gene when taking synthetic vitamins. 

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Meet Dr. Riner

Hello, my name is Dr. Riner. I'm not here to sell you a package of adjustments, exercises or synthetic vitamins that don't work. I'm here to remove the obstacles that are preventing your body from healing, reduce the bone injuries, reconnect the brain and you get you back to your life! Without popping and cracking bones!

When you’re ready for the care, I will be here. Come in with an open mind, follow your specific program and let God's most amazing creation do all the healing!

No Popping, No Twisting, No Cracking


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1120 N. Kimball Ave, Suite 120 
Southlake, TX 76092


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